Pennsylvania Key Club


Since its inception in 1925, members of Key Club International have provided countless hours of service to their homes, schools and communities.

Every Key Club has the authority to select its own service projects because usually there are many more service needs in a community than there are service clubs and agencies to meet them. However, all Key Clubs are asked to participate in the Major Emphasis: “Children: Their Future, Our Focus.”

Key Club’s Major Emphasis “Children: Their Future, Our Focus”
At Key Club International's first convention in 1946, the organization was given the responsibility of instituting a program that would bring together all Key Club's direct members' efforts and energies into an area that would truly make an International impact. This program still is followed today through the Major Emphasis: “Children: Their Future, Our Focus.”

Official Partners

To fulfill the mission of the Major Emphasis, Key Club International serves children in many ways. Members participate in the hands-on service initiative, currently The Eliminate Project, and fundraise for Key Club International’s partner organizations: Children’s Miracle Network, March of Dimes and UNICEF.

March of Dimes
Children’s Miracle Network

Dive in to find information on popular service projects, as well as resources, support materials and how-to guides to help pull them off.

Need service project ideas? Download our service project directory, filled with ideas for hands-on and fundraising service opportunities. Projects are divided into levels of difficulty, easy, moderate, and difficult, to help you get started with whatever type of project you are interested in tackling. Don't shy away from harder projects, as the planning and execution effort intensifies, so do the rewards!

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