Pennsylvania Key Club

Club Monthly Report

The purpose of this report form is to provide the Pennsylvania District Board and Kiwanis Committee with information about your Key Club. In addition, it will also be used to help plan various district directives and initiatives. *Please note that clubs must fill in an additional Club and Officer Information Report

✓ The report should be completed together by all club officers and submitted by the Club Secretary.
✓ You may check to see if your report has been received on the District Report Tracker at after it has been reviewed and documented by the District Secretary/Treasurer.
✓ If you have any questions about the report form, you should contact your Lt. Governor or the District Secretary/Treasurer at

2015-16 Club Officers should plan on submitting the Monthly Club Officer Report on May 5th, 2015.

Submission Schedule

*Please note that an additional Club and Officer Information Report must be sent in by September 30th *

Report #MonthReport Due Date
1AprilMay 5th
2MayJune 5th
3June/July/AugustSeptember 5th
4SeptemberOctober 5th
5OctoberNovember 5th
6NovemberDecember 5th
7DecemberJanuary 5th
8JanuaryFebruary 5th
9FebruaryMarch 5th
10MarchApril 5th

You may fill out the form on the website

or click this link to fill it out in a separate tab.

You can find a list of the questions of information on the form here.

Club Monthly Report Tracker

Check to see when your club’s monthly reports have been submitted. If you have any questions, please contact your Lt. Governor and the District Secretary/Treasurer.

Tracker Form

Past Club Monthly Report Tracker

Tracker Form

Tracker Form

Tracker Form

Tracker Form

Tracker Form

Tracker Form

Distinguished Officer Criteria

New Distinguished Officer Criteria

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