Pennsylvania Key Club

Club Officer Training

The District Board and Kiwanis Committee conduct club officer training at the annual District Convention/Leadership Conference and division meetings. Training includes positional leadership, committee structure, how to lead meetings, and service opportunities. (Note: In order to be distinguished, club officers must attend a club officer training by December 1st.)

Election of new officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, editor, and webmaster) should be held at a Club meeting in February and they should take office in May. New officers are encouraged to view the below training videos together at one sitting. In order to ensure that all duties and responsibilities for club management are upheld, each officer should view all seven videos. For questions or for further information, please contact your lieutenant governor.

General Training (for all Officers)



Be the President Guide

Club and Officer Information Report

President Youth Serving Youth Report Form and Distinguished Requirements

District Convention Contests, Awards, and Recognitions

Vice President


Be the Vice President Guide

District Convention Contests, Awards, and Recognitions



Be the Secretary Guide

District Bylaws

Club and Officer Information Report

Monthly Report

Membership Update Center

Membership Update Center Video Tutorial



Be the Treasurer Guide



Be the Editor Guide

Public Relations Guidebook

Key Club Brand Guide and Graphics Standards

Key Club Graphic Design Elements

Key Club Public Relations Tools

District Newsletter and Other Communiques

Training for Other Offices

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