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Some people see leadership as the ability to reach a particular position, such as a club editor. But those are not the only leaders in Key Club. Giving your time to serve is being a leader in your community. Whether you know it or not, people recognize your leadership through service.

It's natural to believe a positional leader is elected and comes with certain qualities, but even the greatest leaders need to work at it. Key Club offers numerous opportunities, both large and small, for student members to take on leadership roles. The leadership generally is divided into three levels; club, district and international.

In order to serve as an officer at any level, the candidate must be a dues-paid member in good standing of the organization. The best way to learn about the responsibilities and demands of any given office is to speak with the current office holder.

Key Club Leaders...

  • Show members the BENEFITS AND EXPECTATIONS from membership.
  • Recognize and make a big deal out of little VICTORIES.
  • Encourage CREATIVITY to promote new ideas.
  • Are FRIENDLY AND GENUINE with all club members.
  • Know they must EARN RESPECT.
  • LISTEN before they speak.
  • Take OCCASIONAL BREAKS from projects to relax.
  • Ask for HELP.
  • ADMIT when they are wrong.
  • Remember to lead is to SERVE.

Opportunities to Lead Outside Your Club

There are many opportunties for you to develop your positional leadership skills. Any active member withing an organized district can run for district and/or international office.

If you would like to learn more, visit or talk to your Lt. Governor about the exciting opportunities in your district. Interested in international office? Talk with your administrator prior to your district convention.

Personal and Leadership Development

  • 7 Habits of Effective Teens (56.12 KB)
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey
  • Being a Leader Tips (83.89 KB)
    Key Club Leadership Tips
  • Delegation (88.84 KB)
    Delegation is giving others the authority to act on your behalf, accompanied with responsibility and accountability for results. Document includes strategies, steps, methods, and tips.
  • Elements of Leadership Table (19.19 KB)
    The Periodic Table of the Elements of Leadership
  • Etiquette (112.24 KB)
    Includes Table, General, E-mail, and Business
  • Hazing (323.95 KB)
    The Dos and Donts of Caucusing - How to avoid becoming a hazer or a victim of hazing.
  • Is it Ethical or Unethical Values Worksheet (46.18 KB)
    Read through the following scenarios and discuss whether you believe it is ethical or unethical with other small-group participants.
  • Key Club Values Workbook (942.13 KB)
    This Values Workbook provides a variety of activities which can be led by adult volunteers and student leaders alike to emphasize the Key Club Values.
  • Presentation Tips (105.25 KB)
    In order to present a forum well, there are certain things every presenter should keep in mind. Read over the following suggestions to make your forum go smoothly and to insure that your audience is paying attention.
  • Ten Commandments for Good Manners (102.34 KB)
    Ten Commandments for Good Manners by Larry G. Evans
  • Time Management 101 (265.09 KB)
    A famous anonymous quotation states, “You are either on the way or in the way. The world will not wait.” Often you can get so caught up in everyday routines and clutter, that it can be overwhelming. Our society is growing and moving at a rapid pace. How can anyone keep up? With various strategies implemented in everyday activities, you can develop a healthy, organized lifestyle. Time management is using one of the most precious resources you have – TIME – in ways that are more rewarding to you.
  • Tips to Reduce Stress (263.16 KB)
    “Stress Stinks!” How can you reduce it? Life often gets cluttered and bogged down with excessive activities, pressing deadlines, and difficult homework and school tasks. Living a life of non-stop chaos can be very difficult. It is vital that you find a personal balanced lifestyle. By reducing the “stress factors” in your life and by exemplifying the following tips, you can produce self-satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • Working with Me Worksheet (54.84 KB)
  • Working with Team Members Worksheet (57.8 KB)

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