Pennsylvania Key Club


Anisha Yarlagadda

“Yesterday’s the past. Tomorrow’s the future. But today is the gift. That’s why it is called the present.” ~ Bil Keane

Division Secretary Treasurer Anisha Yarlagadda has been motivated by this quote for a while now. Anisha has always believed that she should 'seize the day' by selflessly serving. Thus, it was natural for her to join a volunteer organization like Key Club and her zest for service only further flourished: "As ninth grade progressed, I became passionate about this club and started to volunteer at other places like at my local hospital and playing the piano at senior centers. As tenth grade came by, I wanted to play a bigger role in this club. With the encouragement of the past Lieutenant Governor of Division 3, Ashwin Reddy, I contested for his position and I ended up winning the election. Looking back at this, running for the position of Lieutenant Governor, was one of the best decisions I have made. I consider Key Club as part of my family now." Then for her senior year, Anisha wanted to continue her involvement in Key Club district board by running for District Secretary Treasurer, a position which she would eventually be elected as.

Now, carrying out the duties of her position, this District Secretary Treasurer aims at elevating inter-club communication, increasing Divisional Council Meeting attendance, and also clarifying what Key Club is exactly. "Whenever I first joined Key Club, I myself did not know what to exactly expect," says Anisha. "So one of my primary goals would be to create awareness among the schools in my division that are already chartered to get more club participation, and to spread the word about Key Club and get new schools in my division to be chartered." This goal mirrors this servant leader's love of inclusiveness that she finds special in Key Club. According to Anisha, inclusiveness in the foundation for everything else that Key Club has to offer: caring, character building, leadership, etc.

In addition to everything else previously stated, this avid Key Clubber finds time to play the piano, engage in the Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam, coordinate the Girls Only Leadership Program (GOLD), and participate in Random Acts of Kindness Club, Junior Classical League (Latin Club) and National Honors Society. It might surprise you that Anisha still haves spare time, during which she likes to binge watch Grey's Anatomy and shop.

Need to ask Anisha a question? Email her at! However, don't ask her if she speaks 'Indian'. Since there are over 22 official languages in India, and Indian isn't an actual language, that's her pet peeve!

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