Pennsylvania Key Club

Lieutenant Governor Division 8/10

Blake Bizousky

If you were to ask Blake Bizousky what he likes to do, he'd tell you clubbing - Key Clubbing, of course. But he'd also give you this list:

"Outside of Key Club I play football and wrestle. In my spare time I enjoy hunting, fishing, reading, sleeping, dreaming, star gazing, kayaking, listening to music, exercising, and wearing radtacular Chubbies with Hawaiian shirts."

By now, you can probably tell that Blake is quite an interesting person and is a Lieutenant Governor for the second year in a row in order to be a bigger part of Key Club in the Pennsylvania District. Key Club started for Blake at his school's club fair in 9th grade, when he figured out Key Club was much more than just saying you don't make keys. Ever since, Blake has enjoyed every second of his experience in this volunteer organization. His favorite service project is helping with the Punxsy Challenger League. There, he and other Punxsutawney club members help children with special needs play baseball and have an awesome time. Such caring holds a special place in Blake's daily life: "If we didn't care about others then there wouldn't be Key Club. By caring we take the first step to helping others."

Now, this senior is not only tackling people out on the football field, but also is striving to bolster his communication with all the clubs within his division and guide them to ensure that they are on the right track. Out of a Key Club setting, you will this three time family-wing-eating competition champion in short shorts and planning how he can sky dive in the coming years.

Don't want to see Blake in short shorts? That's understandable (Really, it is..). Just email him at instead!

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