Pennsylvania Key Club

Lieutenant Governor Division 22

Sravya Alla

Reason for joining Key Club
"I was previously in Builder's Club in Middle School. However in the high school, Key Club was not an active club. I joined sophomore year and I would be teh only one to show up at the meetings. Not even the officers! I took it upon myself to reactivate the club and make it stronger in my community."

Favorite Key Club Core Value
Inclusiveness - "Many of the conflicts in the world arise from the lack of inclusiveness. By promoting this value on a local and global scale, we can start making a difference for a safer and better tomorrow."

Favorite Service Project
"My favorite Key Club activity is Acktion Club Bingo. Every year, we host a bingo night for our local Aktion Club for disabled adults. "\

Favorite Quote
""Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Mahatma Gandhi"

Reason for becoming part of the District Board
"I am a strong believer of action and responsibility. I have a passion for service and leadership so I wanted to be more active in my community on a larger scale."

Goals for this year
"I plan on making sure everyone in my Division truly understands the importance of Key Club and its place in the world. By increasing communication and reactivating clubs, I hope I can reach my goal. "

Other Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities
"I am in FBLA, Model UN, Women in Science and Engineering, Support Organization for Kids in Need, and Project Linus. I participate in buisness programs, play tennis, and also am an Indian classical dancer."

Random Facts
"My name autocorrects to "Gravy" and "Dracula." I love to dance (especially to Bollywood Music) My favorite celebrity/role model/inspiration is Mark Zuckerberg."

Need to ask Sravya a question? Email her at

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