Pennsylvania Key Club

Lieutenant Governor Division 19 North

Caitlin MacGregor

Meet Caitlin, an enthusiastic Key Clubber who loves to serve! Even though Caitlin is involved with Track and Field, Drama Club, and Spanish club at Daniel Boone High School and is her Class Vice President, this optimistic and cheery senior plans on successfully carrying out all her Lieutenant Governor duties for Division 19 North by linking her clubs more, creating great service projects that bring joy to many different people, and simply serving. Caitlin will definitely be able to do this, as she follows the words of none other than the creative Walt Disney:

"All of our dreams can come true, if we have to courage to pursue them"

Inspired by the idea of helping so many people, Caitlin joined Key Club after being talked into coming to a meeting by none other than her sister and our District Governor, Lindsey MacGregor. This decision is one that she cherishes still today. "I fell in love with [Key Club] ever since," Caitlin says. "I love getting to meet new people who share a common characteristic with me, which is wanting to make the world a better place." One of the ways in which Caitlin is able to do this is through her favorite park cleanups that her club participates in. During these events, these Key Clubbers go to a park and clean up trash, shovel mulch, and even plant flowers. "I like this service project because we can bring smiles to peoples faces with our hard work", says Caitlin.

Caitlin's such desire to be impactful aligns well with her position. This past winter, she contested for the position of Lieutenant Governor with the desire of playing a bigger part in Key Club and leading her clubs to participate in more service! Now, this avid servant leader is working diligently to fulfill her responsibility to her division. So if you're looking to catch her in her spare time, you'll probably find her eating pasta in a crew-neck sweater while traveling.

Need to contact Caitlin? You can do so by emailing her at !

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