Pennsylvania Key Club

Lieutenant Governor Division 12 South

Charles Reader

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Meet Charles, or "CJ", as he goes by! The quote that you have just read is one of CJ's favorites, and certainly shows the importance that he places in every individual. Thus, it is natural that CJ would be around service for all of his life! Key Club is not only unique to CJ due to it's inclusiveness, as this servant leader finds such quality what truly makes this service organization special, but also because his mother is the advisor of his Key Club, Shikellamy! Thus, along with Mrs. Reader, CJ has had the opportunity to attend four International Conventions as a guest before his term, and also has participated in countless service projects, of which his favorite is the Susquehanna River Cleanup because it ameliorates the status of the environment and the people and animals who depend on it!

Originally, this rising junior did not intend to take this position, as in addition to schoolwork CJ is also involved with Football, Track, Boy Scouts, and the Order of the Arrow. However, after consulting with various advisors, this avid Key Clubber decided to take on the challenge and make a difference! Now, he strives to fulfill the duties of a Lieutenant Governor! Aside from all this, CJ enjoys reading novels by Robin Cook and works a part-time job at a drive in movie theater.

Do you have questions for CJ? Contact him at

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