Pennsylvania Key Club

Lieutenant Governor Division 1

Jennifer Warchol

Reason for joining Key Club
"I joined Key Club beacuse I was in Builders Club previously and the current Key Club members were so fun and welcoming. They truely showed me inclusiveness!"

Favorite Key Club Core Value
inclusiveness - "Inclusivenss is my favorite core value because no Key Clubber ever gets left behind or neglected."

Favorite Service Project
Relay for Life - "My club always does fun fundraisers and I love seeing my hometown and community come together to donate to cancer research."

Favorite Quote

Reason for becoming part of the District Board
"I love Key Club and everyone's passion for service and leadership. I chose to fun for LTG to be involved in the leadership on the district scale. "

Goals for this year
"I plan to better the communication in my divsion. I want to get less active clubs to particpiate more and see them at DCMS. I also want to hold really fun rallies for my clubs!!"

Other Hobbies/Extracurricular Activities
"I am active in my schools' music programs and I participate in marching band, concert band, chorus and do musicals. I also am in Academic Decathlon, Students for Charity club, and Student Council, "

Random Facts

Need to ask Jenny a question? Email her at

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