Pennsylvania Key Club

International Convention 2013 Highlights


The 2013 Key Club International Convention took place July 3 - July 7, in Washington, DC at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

One of the most important parts of the Key Club International Convention is the election of the new International Board. This board is comprised of the President, Vice President, and the International Trustees. The International Board is responsible for counseling districts to creating direction for solutions to organizational issues. Congratulations to the 2013-14 International Board:

International President
Raeford Penny- Capital District

Vice President
Rachel Benoit - LA-Miss-Tenn District

International Trustees

Roshni Chandwani - Texas-Oklahoma District

Zach Waldorf - New Jersey District

Renisha Daley - Jamaica District

Eric Yoon - Capital District

Kelsie Hoppes - Pacific Northwest District

Avery Hitchcock - Rocky Mountain District

Madison Kemker - Indiana District

Casey O'Neill - Rocky Mountain District

Maria Palazzolo - Illinois-Eastern Iowa District

Michelle Petersen - Michigan District

And finally, the trustee for Pennsylvania,
Alberto Berrizbeitia - Carolinas District

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