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International Convention 2011 Highlights

International Convention: Phoenix, Arizona, June 27 - July 3, 2011

2011 International Convention

The 2011 Key Club International Convention took place June 27 - July 3, in Phoenix, Arizona, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.

One of the most important parts of the Key Club International Convention is the election of the new International Board. This board is comprised of the President, Vice President, and the International Trustees. The International Board is responsible for counseling districts to creating direction for olutions to organizational issues. Congratulations to the 2011-12 International Board:

International President
Annie Lewandowski - Pacific Northwest District

Vice President
Catt Lovins - Southwest District

International Trustees

Nick DePorzio - Southwest District

Jared Greene - New Jersey District

Somya Gupta - Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Yoo Eun Kim - Pacific Northwest District

Kayla Lash - Pennsylvania District!!

Lucy McDermott - New England District

Rebecca Riley - Alabama District

Alan Wang - Capital District

Austin Wu - Cali-Nev-Ha District

Josiah Zitterkob - Pacific Northwest District

And finally, the trustee for Pennsylvania,
Randolph McKinnie - Florida District

Day by Day

Missed out on ICON? Don’t fret, here’s your day by day recap of Pennsylvania in Phoenix!

Day 1 - June 27:

Everybody left the graceful state of Pennsylvania to venture into a new world called Arizona. The sun was scorching and the heat was unbearable. Although it was a “dry heat”, it was still very hot. The District Tour met up in the Phoenix Airport. Welcomed by warm hugs and smiles, the crew headed off to their first destination. The day was filled with plenty of sightseeing that was breathtaking. The picturesque landscape of the state had everybody’s jaws dropped to the floor. Very tired and sluggish, the team arrived at the hotel for the night located in the small town of Flagstaff. The nostalgia kicked in when everyone was surrounded by large amounts of pine trees. The Pennsylvania District headed to a BBQ dinner with LaMissTenn District and then found their way up to the Lowell Observatory. The PA District laid their eyes on a rare star cluster, a dying star, and Saturn! Night fell, and everyone had been awake for over 24 hours do to the 3 hours lost on the way there. Delusional from being over tired, everybody arrived back at the hotel to get a good night’s rest.

Day 2 - June 28:

The PA District woke up bright and early to have a joint breakfast with the LaMiss-Tenn District. As everyone hopped on the bus around 8 o’clock, everybody headed to the “Big Hole in the Ground”, the Grand Canyon. Everyone was bursting out of their seats to get there. Arriving to the location, everyone received a nicely packed box lunch that was provided by the generous touring company. The anxiousness picked up when everyone was only feet away from the rim of this great canyon. Taking the short hike to the rim, nobody could believe what lay before their eyes. This canyon was not just a hole in the ground; it was a beautiful, naturally made piece of art. The colors and sights of the canyon left everyone breathless, making it difficult to wrap our minds around what everyone had just seen. Those who were adventurous enough took a two mile hike around the West rim of the canyon. The rest of the day was spent traveling to the Red Rocks of Sedona and plenty of other sight seeing areas.

Day 3 - June 29:

Early in the morning, flights left from Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and the Philadelphia airports with Pennsylvania Key Clubbers and advisors. After picking up luggage and loading the bus, the Pennsylvania District arrived at the J.W. Marriot Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona at approximately 3 PM with excitement.
Upon exiting the bus, Key Clubbers completed registration and headed to check-in their hotel rooms. Immediately “PA Pride” was starting to add to the atmosphere as members designated their district t-shirt with pride through the hotel hallways. Upon registering, Key Clubbers received a “Hot Spot, Cool Times” backpack that held the convention itinerary, the candidates booklet, and other convention essential. In the evening, PA Key Clubbers met with other Key Clubbers from around the world at the annual “Meet & Greet” event. The event allowed for district to trade pins. This year, PA traded unique wristbands with other districts.

Day 4 - June 30:

The day started with an early morning as PA Key Clubbers headed down to the Opening Session of the 68th Annual Key Club International Convention. Members trotted in style with Pinky-the blown-up-flamingo and yelling spirit chants. The convention hall echoed with spirit chants and excitement from other districts as well.
The session opened with now Immediate-Past KCI President, Xin-Lei (Tony) Wang. The crowd roared as he welcomed all of us to the annual convention. The session recognized the host district, sponsors, and had motivational speaker, Eric Saperston motivate us with his inspiration and encouraging words.
After the session was over, we moved to our designated district room with our sister districts, New Jersey and the Carolinas, to begin listening to candidate speeches for international office. Members spent about 4 hours listening and asking questions to candidates in ensuring the best officers were elected. The PA District was fortunate to have Kayla Lash running for the position of International Trustee.
When caucusing finished, members prepared to walk in the Eliminate MNT Charity Walk. Walking over a mile around the perimeter of the hotel, everyone cheered loudly with district spirit cheers. As the walk ended, PA Key Clubbers rushed back to their rooms to prepare for the Hawaiian Themed Dance. As the night came to a close, the International President announced the amount of money raised.

Day 5 - July 1:

Bright and early in the morning, PA Key Clubbers woke to attended workshops with various topics including leadership and services. As the workshops concluded, the members headed to the Service Fair. The room resonated with the sound of fantastic, innovative service ideas.
Round two of caucusing began soon after the conclusion of the service fair. The candidates for international trustee had been narrowed down to fourteen and allowing for 11 to be selected. Questions to the candidates were more focused and specific. Members wanted to be sure that all candidates were educated on issues and could serve as a good representative. The day came to an end with at the Recognition Session. The International Board presented various awards and recognitions to clubs and members. Throughout the session, talent show acts occurred where members showcased their talents. Everyone cheered with all the talent that occurred.

Day 6 - July 2:

Round two of workshops started everyone’s day. Katie Auwaerter, the Immediate Past Governor from Pennsylvania, conducted a workshop that emphasized on “Bridging the Generation Gap” between Kiwanis and Key Club. After the workshops, it was time to go take care of business and vote at the House of Delegates.
Delegates and non-delegates waited eagerly to enter the room and obtain their seats. The room was arranged with two microphones with one as the “con” and the other as the “pro.” Delegates could speak at the designated microphone to support or not support amendments. In addition, delegates had the opportunity to hear the candidates give one final speech and then voted. The new KCI President and Vice-President were announced at the end. Members congratulated Annie Lewandowski as International President and Catt Lovins as International Vice President. At the end of the day, members made their way to the Closing Session. The 2010-11 International Board was retired and the 2011-12 Board was installed into office.

Overall, the International Convention was a smashing hit. Everybody grew as better servant leaders, made a load of friends, and created memories that will last a lifetime.

To see some pictures from ICON, click here


Members attended the annual recognition ceremony where multiple clubs and members were recognized for their outstanding work in Key Club. The Pennsylvania District clubs and members received multiple awards. Below are the recipients:

  • Single Service Gold – First Place - Wyoming Area High School
  • Distinguished Diamond Level Club - Wyoming Area High School
  • Robert F. Lucas Distinguished Lieutenant Governors:
    • Lauren Bauschard - Bradford, Division 1
    • Kayla Lash - Bethlehem Catholic, Division 17/18N
    • Helen Liu - Bayard Rustin, Division 22

Congratulations to all of the winners from Pennsylvania! You each did an amazing job and represented the PA Key Club district very well. We are all extremely proud of you!

Pinky Awards

This year, the Pennsylvania District held the second annual Pinky Awards, which are awards specifically for Pennsylvania ICON attendees who showed outstanding qualities and represented Pennsylvania well. The winners are:

Best Caucus Questions:
Elizabeth Smolinski
Katie Auwaerter

Best Dancer:
Michael Galperin

Best PA Pride:
Erica Cooper
Tessa Rhinehart

Best Breaking Out of Shell:
Andrea Davis
Manaswita Tappata

Special Award:
Mrs. Reader

ICONs of the Future

ICON 2012: Florida

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