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International Convention 2010 Highlights

International Convention: Memphis, Tennessee, July 7-11, 2010

2010 International Convention

The 2010 Key Club International Convention took place July 7-11, in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts the Memphis Cook Convention Center.

One of the most important parts of the Key Club International Convention is the election of the new International Board. This board is comprised of the President, Vice President, and the International Trustees. The International Board is responsible for counseling districts to creating direction for olutions to organizational issues. Congratulations to the 2010-11 International Board:

International President
XinLei Wang
Wisconsin- Upper Michigan District.

Vice President
Ikwo Morris- Caribbean-Atlantic District

International Trustees

Andre Hamilton- Jamaica District

David Velasquez- Florida District

Annie Lewandowski- Pacific Northwest District

Caleb Lapsley- Alabama District

Matt Harper- Missouri-Arkansas District

Lisa Nicholson- Pacific Northwest District

Stephenie Yuan- California-Nevada-Hawaii District

Robert Peck- Rocky Mountain District

Nancy Zhang, from the New York District

Nick Cornell- Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

And finally, the trustee for Pennsylvania,
Will Robertson- Carolinas District

Day by Day

Missed out on ICON? Don’t fret, here’s your day by day recap of Pennsylvania in Memphis!

Day 1- July 6:

Most of the first day was spent on planes, leaving from Allentown, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh. Once the entire district arrived, we took a trip to the home of Elvis, aka Graceland, exploring his home and admiring all of his accomplishments. The district met with the Rocky Mountain District and the Southwest district for dinner in the Elvis Automobile museum.

Day 2- July 7:

The day started with a visit to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital, where we learned more about the hospital’s founder, actor Danny Thomas. At our next stop, Memphis’s Rock and Soul Museum, we discovered the roots and history of rock and roll. We also were given the opportunity to visit the National Civil Rights Museum, where we were able to see the Lorraine Hotel, the site of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. After that, we admired the great Mississippi River. Next on the list was the historic Sun Records studio, where Elvis recorded his first song. Other famous musicians that recorded in this studio are Gerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and even Bono! For the lunch break, we stopped at the famous Beale Street. Next on the list was the Peabody hotel, known for its marching ducks that parade out of the hotel’s fountain! Finally we wrapped up the day with the Relient K concert, hosted by Key Club international.

Day 3- July 8:

The first official day of convention started off with a bang, with contest drop-offs, delegate certification, and of course workshops! Later in the day, you could “Follow the yellow brick road to service” at the Service Fair. The Opening Session was filled with introductions of candidates and guests, and ended with Bo Shafer, the Keynote speaker who was a past Kiwanis International President. The night ended swinging at the Jailhouse Rock Dance.

Day 4- July 9:

The day started off very early with District Caucusing, where we heard from some very great candidates. While the rest of the day was spent at workshops, the candidates were narrowed down at the nominating conference. The Recognition session was filled with many fabulous awards for Pennsylvania, but we also had the privilege of hearing from UNICEF ambassador Clay Aiken and Friend a Gorilla representative Simon Curtis. Throughout the session, many talented acts from across the country preformed for the talent show. The night wrapped up with another long but informative Caucus session.

Day 5- July 10:

The last day of convention started off with the Friend a Gorilla Charity walk, where hoards of Key Clubbers walked through Memphis for a cause. Throughout the workshops of the day, the Delegates voted at the House of Delegates for the new International Council. At the Farewell Session, we heard from Kiwanis International president-designate, Sylvester Neal. During this session, Abigail McKamey reflected upon her year as President before the new International Council was announced. With the new board in place, it was time to start thinking about ICON 2011 in Phoenix. To wrap up convention, everyone danced the night away at the groovy 1970s dance.

Day 6- July 11:

The last day of the tour was much like the first, spending most of the day on planes waiting to arrive back to Pennsylvania. Everyone was sad to leave their new friends, but excited to bring their new ideas back to PA!


On Friday, July 9th, members attended the annual recognition ceremony where multiple clubs and members were recognized for their outstanding work in Key Club. The Pennsylvania District clubs and members received multiple awards. Below are the recipients:

  • Non-Traditional Scrapbook Competition – First Place - Shikellamy High School for their giant crayon box
  • Video Contest – Third Place - Shikellamy High school.
  • Single Service Platinum – First Place - Wyoming Area High School
  • Distinguished Diamond Level Clubs - Wyoming Area High School and Indiana High School.
  • Robert F. Lucas Distinguished Lieutenant Governors:
    • Lacy Smiesko - Freeport Area High School, Division 6
    • Katie Auwaerter - Governor Mifflin High School, Division 16N
    • Sourab Narayana - Emmaus High School, Division 18S

Congratulations to all of the winners from Pennsylvania! You each did an amazing job and represented the PA Key Club district very well. We are all extremely proud of you!

Pinky Award

This year, the Pennsylvania held the first annual Pinky Awards, which are awards specifically for Pennsylvania ICON attendees who showed outstanding qualities and represented Pennsylvania well. The winners are:

Best 1970s Dance costume:
Alecia Panuski

Best Jailhouse Rock Dance costume:
Alison Dumek

Best Dancer:
Logan Yerger

Best Caucus Questions #1:
Naomi Makishi

Best Caucus Questions #2:
Julia DeFabo

Best PA Pride:
Kayla Wilson

Best PA Sign:
Sarah Rhen

Special Award:
Mrs. Reader

ICONs of the Future

Though ICON only wrapped up a few weeks ago, the planning has begun for the next two International Conventions. Check it out!

ICON 2011: Phoenix, Arizona

The 2011 Key Club International Convention will take place June 29, 2011–July 2, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. The location is the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Hotel. Information can be found on the website Phoenix is located in the mighty Southwest District. Expect a lot of fun things to do such as a water park, the Grand Canyon, a ghost town, the MLB All-star game, and much more! Hope to see you there!

ICON 2012: Florida

At this year’s International Convention, the International council announced the location of the 2012 International Convention, which will be held in Florida, specifically DISNEY WORLD! Look forward to hearing more information about that in the future!

Pennsylvania Chants

One of the most exciting parts of International Convention is battling other districts in spirit wars! Each district brings their own cheers, and sees who can be the loudest and most creative. This year, Pennsylvania represented well, battling (and winning) against districts like Pacific Northwest, New England, and Southwest. Pennsylvania had a lot of cheers, but my favorite was the “Fresh Prince of PA” cheer:

"In the state of Pennsylvania born and raised,
In the Key Club is where I spent most of my days!
Chillin’ with my friends and relaxin’ all cool,
Serving the community and helping the school
When Flamingos step in,
they're doing some good
Key Club servin' all throughout the neighborhood
There’s just one little thing that you oughta know,
Pennsylvania is the best and the rest can just go!"

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