Pennsylvania Key Club

International Convention 2009 Highlights

International Convention: July 1-4, 2009

Dallas Skyline Key Club International held its 66th Annual International Convention in celebration of 72 years of Pennsylvania Key Clubbing and service! This convention was held in Dallas, Texas at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

International Convention Recap!

Caitlin's Smiles At Service Fair

The Pennsylvania Key Club group did a lot at convention. Here is a day by day recap of what we did:

Wednesday, July 1

The Pennsylvania District began their journey in Dallas by flying from Allentown, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport. After settling in at the hotel, the PA Key Club members registered for convention. After registering, the PA Key Clubbers started their exploration in Dallas in search of dinner. Finally, members attended the “Meet and Greet” where they danced, played games, and began bonding with each other and other Key Clubbers.

Thursday, July 2

Members With Masks

The morning started by members attending workshop sessions that improved their leadership skills, learn more about the Kiwanis Family, as well as fun workshops on photography.

Many members of the Pennsylvania District were especially excited to attend the “Mad Club Skills with Andy” workshop given by the Pennsylvania Immediate Past Governor Andy Fishell. Like the title suggests, this workshop provided information in a fun way to help members learn how to build their home club.

Getting ready to go to the dance!In the afternoon, members attended the service fair. Key Clubbers mixed and mingled as they toured their way through the maze of displays of service projects. Pennsylvania displayed our Youth Serving Youth project: Caitlin's Smiles. Members were also able to participate in several service projects including donating shoes to the Texas-Oklahoma District Service Project: Shoes for Orphan Souls.

After the service fair, the General Opening Session was held and featured motivational keynote speaker Scott Greenberg. Upon the session’s conclusion, members changed out of their professional clothes and into “masks” for the masquerade dance.

Finally, the night ended with Key TV in our hotel rooms recapping the day’s events.

Friday, July 3


Pennsylvania Key Clubbers were up early for caucusing at 7:30 AM. Members listened to speeches presented by candidates for International Trustee, International Vice President, and International President. After several hours of caucusing, members then attended two more rounds of workshops.

At the second general session, award and contest winners were recognized. Several Pennsylvania clubs were recognized at this session including:
-Indiana and Wyoming as Distinguished Diamond Level Clubs
-Abington for 2nd Place in the Poster Contest and 2nd Place in the Platinum Division Single Service Award
-Immediate Past Lt. Governors Kayla Costello and Taylor Kennedy were awarded the Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lt. Governor Award
-Immediate Past Governor Andy Fishell was awarded the honor of Distinguished Governor

After the award presentation, members were entertained by hypnotist Steve Meade. Finally, Key Clubbers returned to their rooms for the second night of Key TV.

Everyone walking in the walk for Children's Miracle Network

Saturday, July 4

Saturday started as another early morning as Pennsylvania Key Clubbers participated in the Children's Miracle Network Charity Walk. After the walk, members enjoyed a celebration breakfast at the hotel.

House of Delegates soon followed after the walk. Delegates had the opportunity to listen to the candidate’s speeches one last time before casting their final votes. The session also consisted of the voting on several amendments to the bylaws.

After the House of Delegates, the Pennsylvania District traveled by train for dinner. The final general session occurred after dinner where the retirement and installation of the international board occurred including new International Vice President, Adam Joslyn, and new International President Abigail McKamey.

The final event of the convention was the 1960s dance. After the dance, the final episode of Key TV was broadcasted.

Sunday, July 5

On Sunday, the Pennsylvania District spent the day touring Dallas. The tour started by driving through the city of Dallas to hear about its history. The first stop of the day was the John F. Kennedy Memorial and then on to the spot where President Kennedy was assassinated.

Members then had the opportunity to tour the Dallas School Book Depository Building, a museum about President Kennedy’s life, presidency, and death.

After the museum, members got back on the bus to drive about an hour outside of Dallas to a ranch where they had the chance to ride horse and get up close and personal with a herd of buffalo.

For dinner, members had a traditional Texas BBQ with live entertainment followed by a bonfire with an amazing view of the Texas sunset.

Back at the hotel, members said final goodbyes and reflected on memories made at convention. Everyone then headed to prepare for their early flights back home to Pennsylvania in the morning.

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