Pennsylvania Key Club

District Executive Board

Serving as an officer of the Pennsylvania District is a most rewarding experience, but demands a certain amount of time, commitment, and responsibility. The governor, secretary/treasurer, and bulletin editor lead the District Board, which is comprised of the lieutenant governors. A successful year greatly depends upon the quality of leadership the officers brings with them.

District Governor, Secretary/Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor Process

  1. All candidates need to review the duties and responsibilities of their respected office.
  2. Candidates running for the District Office of Governor, Secretary/Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor will be limited to no more than $100.00 for campaign material.
  3. Candidates must complete and submit:
    • The Statement of Candidacy for District Office

      • Statement of Candidacy for Pennsylvania District Office (document missing)

Two letters of recommendation from any two of the following people:
- Faculty Advisor
- High School Principal
- Sponsoring Kiwanis Club Kiwanis Advisor or Club President

Convention Program Biography with Campaign Literature Template

Submission of Materials

The Statement of Candidacy for District Office, Biographical Form, and Letters of Recommendations should be mailed NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 28th to:
District Administrator Bob Orlando
315 Luzerne Ave
West Pittston, PA 18643

The Convention Program Biography with Campaign Literature Template should be e-mailed to District Administrator Bob Orlando at If this form is not submitted by February 14th, 2017 you will risk your chances of being in the DCON program book.

The Campaign Expense Form is to be handed in at the Candidates Meeting at 4:30 PM on March 10th, 2017.

Other Notes

  1. Only clubs in "good standing" may attend the district convention/leadership conference and have candidates for office or endorsement. This includes the clubs dues must be paid for the year.
  2. All candidates for office must attend the Candidates’ Meeting on Friday, March 10th, 2017.
  3. All candidates for office have the option to campaign at the Service Fair, but need to register to reserve a spot.
  4. At the House of Delegates, the endorsed candidates for district office are required to present a short speech, conforming to the House of Delegates regulations.
  5. Candidates nominated from the floor at the first general session of the District Convention/Leadership Conference must have the statement for candidacy, biographical form, and letters for recommendation completed and submitted to the District Administrator prior to the commencement of the first general session of the District Convention/Leadership conference.
  6. Campaign posters shall not exceed 18 × 24 inches and shall be displayed in the Convention Center only and only in designated areas. There will be no campaign material in the House of Delegates. (Note: Adhesive or “peel off” stickers may not be attached to any hotel property.) In addition, the District Board may ban any election material that is not considered proper by Key Club standards.
  7. Key Club International and Pennsylvania District Boards require all officers relinquish any other Key Club positions (on the local level) that they might hold, should they be elected (or appointed) as District Officers.
  8. Any candidate not complying with these rules, or not acting as a Key Clubber should, may be eliminated from running for office. The decision of the Pennsylvania District Board and Administrator is final.

Details of Events and Activities

Caucus Procedure
Purpose: Evaluate the qualifications of each candidate and determine the most qualified for each designated office or endorsement.

Format: Set period of time per candidate for a brief speech and answer questions from all attendees.

Moderators: Lt. Governors and a Kiwanis Committee member will be assigned to each caucus room to act as a moderator. The Kiwanis Committee member has authority to disallow any question deemed person, in bad taste, or of a harassing nature to the candidate.

Etiquette: The candidates are not to be touched, asked to ingest any material or asked to partake in any behavior that is in poor tasted. Rude behavior will not be tolerated.

Note: Adults are not allowed to ask question or to suggest questions to Key Clubbers!

• Explore the qualifications of the candidate for the office which he/she is seeking.
• Seek knowledge of the duties of the office, past experiences, goals, organizational skills and experience serving on a team.
• Persons are not allowed to enter or leave the room while candidates are present.

Events and Time Limits

• District Officer Candidate Speech - 2 Minutes
• Standard Key Club Questions and Open Questions from the Floor - 5 Minutes

Standard Key Club Questions and Open Questions from the Floor Procedures
Note: Timing of the five minutes will start after the first question is asked.

  1. Key club members will raise their hands and wait to be called upon by the Lt. Governor or candidate.
  2. Question will be asked to the candidate.
  3. If the question is deemed inappropriate by the caucus moderator, he or she will intervene and have the candidate not answer the asked question.

Sample Key Club Caucus Questions
Key Club members can ask a standard question below to the candidate OR ask a question that he/she has developed.
• What is the Key Club pledge?
• What is the Key Club motto?
• What is one thing you would change while in office?
• How are you qualified?
• What sets you apart from the other candidates?
• What previous offices have you held in Key Club?
• What is the hardest obstacle you will have to overcome while in office?
• What inspired you to run for Key Club office?
• What does Key Club mean to you?
• Who is your hero? Why?
• What does KEY stand for?
• What would you do with $1,000,000?
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• What other activities are you involved in?
• What was your favorite Key Club activity and how will it help you on the board?
• If you were a superhero, who would you be and why?
• What superpower would you like to possess? How would you use it in Key Club?
• Why should you be elected?
• What are your goals?
• How would you balance your extracurricular activities with Key Club?
• How would you, as a Key Club board member, reach out to the Kiwanis Family?
• Who is the most important person in Key Club and why?
• What are the other branches of the Kiwanis Family?
• Where is International Convention this year?
• Why did you join Key Club?
• Tell us your favorite Key Club story.

House of Delegates
Purpose: The House of Delegates provides a forum for the candidates for each office to present their final message to the District delegates. Voting is also done for any district bylaw amendments at this time.

Procedures: The members of the House of Delegates hear speeches and answers to questions from each candidate for each office and vote.

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